Singles Only 2020: Riot Sun – Told You

Riot Sun – Told You

 Genre: Post hardcore/Punk

 Release Date: 29 October 2020

Riot Sun bring back hard punk vibes with their fast and edgy new single ‘Told You’.

Feeling like a cross between Black Sabbath and The Dead Kennedys, Riot Sun have one mission: to create fast energetic hard punk songs about anger, frustration, anxiety and resistance all topped off with compelling melodies. They were formed in a drunken excitement at Rockslide festival which is a big indicator of the kind of band they are and the sound of ‘Told You’

It’s a fast track with powerful guitar playing and tight drumming driving the song forward with absolutely no restraint. 

Although it is very melodic the screamed words of ‘Told You’ cut through it perfectly making you feel that resistance and showing you that this band stands for something and they’re going to make sure you know about it.

‘Told You’ is absolutely dripping with venom and hits you like a punch to the face. Riot Sun are a band built on friendship and a hunger for fast, free punk rock. Put this on, turn it up loud and get wild.

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