Singles Only 2020: LE SAIINT – Baptized In The Flames

LE SAIINT – Baptized In The Flames

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 29 October 2020

LE SAIINT hit hard with their new single ‘Baptized In The Flames’ and although it is not really a happy song in terms of lyrics you can’t help but enjoy the catchy hooks.

The track is 4 minutes of fun rock that hooks you right from the start with the compelling vocals that leave you excited for the next verse. The guitar playing is not overly complicated and works well with presumably what the band wanted for this song. Another thing LE SAIINT do with this track is bring the instruments in gradually from the start with just the guitar, then introducing the drums and bass just after the intro. It’s great because it builds into a song full of substance and depth.

‘Baptized In Flames’ is an uncomplicated, solid rock song. It’s so raw it makes you think these guys must have actually been baptized in flames to write a song that goes so hard.

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