Singles Only 2020: Big Slur – Motion Sick

Big Slur – Motion Sick

Genre: Alternative rock/Post hardcore/Emo

Release Date: 25 September 2020

Break out those fingerless gloves and put your fringe back over one eye because Big Slur are bringing back emo vibes with their single ‘Motion Sick.’

Opening with a big, heavy intro, ‘Motion Sick’ grabs you instantly as sucking you in with the heavy distortion on the guitars and the powerful drums and bass. The vocals are strong with a hint of fragility that drives home that this isn’t just a typical pop-punk song, it is meaningful, the singer is hurting, and he’s going to sing about it.

‘Motion Sick’ is the type of track that inspires you whilst making you think about your own life and past relationships that have gone bad. It’s a strong song and it lets you know that, although things might have been bad, they’re getting better no matter what.

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