Singles Only 2020: Reaching Summit – Been Around

Reaching Summit – Been Around

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 20 December 2019

Reaching Summit hit hard with their single ‘Been Around.’ It’s a heart-racing, blood-pumping song.

The intro is an absolute killer. The first piece of instrumentation you hear is a guitar slide followed by heavy distorted chords giving the track an urgent rock feel. The drums drive it providing incredible fills and are the only thing playing during the verses which is good so the song doesn’t feel too busy.

It would be wrong to say ‘guitar solo’ as this song has more like 3 all rolled into one yet none of them feel even remotely out of place. ‘Been Around’ shows some really impressive guitar playing.

Reaching Summit is not your typical rock band and this track will show you just why. Give ‘Been Around’ a spin and thank me later.

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