Singles Only 2020: Balcony Talk – IAMLOSTWITHOUTYOU


Genre: Alternative/Indie

Release Date: 27 March 2020

Balcony Talk’s new song ‘IAMLOSTWITHOUTYOU’ is 3 minutes of cool guitar riffs and heavy drums that you can’t help but rock out too. Feeling very inspired by Jimmy Eat World this track is full of powerful lyrics, ripping guitars and thudding drums. It alternates between a clean fingerpicking section and heavy overdriven power chords really showing what a versatile guitarist Balcony Talk is.

The vocals feel raw as if he is shouting rather than singing giving the song a more personal feel. The chorus hits you hard and really packs a punch as Balcony Talk solidifies his own signature thrashy sound.

IAMLOSTWITHOUTYOU is certainly a credit to Balcony Talk and is definitely the kind of song you should be listening to on a balcony talking to the one you love.

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