Singles Only: Less Than Jake – Lie To Me

It had been three years since Less Than Jake poured new music into our plastic cups and had us downing their brew of unrivalled ska punk, but yesterday they finally gave us a taste of new music. New track ‘Lie to Me’ gives a taste of what’s to come from the Gainsville outfit on their new album Silver LiningsIt’ll be a refreshing offer at the punk table, which has seen an overwhelming amount of pop-punk being served this year! 

Lie to Me‘, is a nostalgic catapult through the back catalogue all while sounding very current and renewed.  There are no surprises here, this track could be on any number of the band’s previous albums. Following a perfectly crafted formula, Less That Jake are a staple ska band that have quite clearly stood the test of time after 30 years.

The track sees the tamer vocal tones from Roger Lima and Chris DeMakes, who expertly lead us through a fun sing-along with its equal measures of catchy brass and guitar. We definitely shouldn’t be so pumped to challenge our partners to lie to us but hell, we’re going to sing it while we air-trumpet all with a smile on our faces!  

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