Singles Only 2020: Griever – Love & Decay

Griever – Love & Decay
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: May 29th 2020 

Drums being slayed to the overtures of a beautifully executed guitar riff is a fitting introduction to ‘Love & Decay’ before we’re met with the dynamic vocals switching between guttural howls to a melodic serenade. 

If this fresh offering is a taste of things to come, Griever are ones to watch! They have masses of potential to grapple with against the heavyweight contenders on the scene. 

‘Love & Decay’ is a super catchy anthem and should absolutely be on your ‘play loud as fuck’ playlist. Just be sure to clear a space for imminent moshing! 

The video concept incorporates quite a gritty narrative to represent the deep-cutting lyrics surrounding regret, love and loss. The video shows scenes of a male protagonist reminiscing happy times with a loved one, but as the scenes escalate, we see the mood shift and devolve into a more hellish scenario. It is also an abstract metaphor for the separation of the band we used to be, and what we’re about to become…” Johnny Haplin (guitarist and manager) 

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