An Interview With: Griever

UK metalcore goth quartet Griever have been cutting their teeth in the doomy corners of our little island  since 2012, the past 8 years has seen them share some bigger spaces with the likes of Creeper, Being as an Ocean, Bleed From Within and even Crazytown.

The band has seen a few line up changes with only one remaining founding member,  but that hasn’t dampened their motivation to fight for glory, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Sometimes all it takes is a few pieces to move on the board before you have yourself a checkmate. Watch this space.

We wanted to get to know the band a bit better so here at Mind Noise Network we reached out to them in the lead up to the release of their latest single for a little chat…

Let’s get started with finding out how you’re all keeping yourselves sane during lockdown? Are you learning any new skills?   

Johnny: I’m an NHS and retail key worker, so unfortunately my time has been consumed in work. But all for a good cause, right? In my spare time, I have been working through a lot of 80’s movies that have been on my ‘to watch’ list for ages though which is fun!
Vince: Just trying to stay healthy and away from all the lunatics breaching quarantine rules in London.
Callum: I’ve been working on some musical projects here and there, learning new vocal techniques and trying to learn to play the keyboard a little. The latter isn’t going so well…
Matt: I’ve definitely learnt that I’m an absolute champion at building Ikea furniture and 19-hour Xbox sessions.

At the beginning of March, you returned from a UK/European tour with the Oklahoma Kid, how did it go? It looked like a blast for those of us keeping up with your Instagram stories!

Johnny: Our tour with The Oklahoma Kid was pretty wild! They were great guys, and a pleasure to share the stage with. There were some absolute crazy shows, and a lot of good memories. We were joined by an amazing crew (driver, makeup artist, photographer and tour tattooist), so you can imagine the antics haha.

Callum, tell us how you came to be the frontman of Griever and how you’re settling in as the new vocalist? 

I’m settling in just fine thanks! The lads are all a delight and they’re keeping me busy! Honestly, I’m loving it. 

Johnny and I originally met at a show a few years back. Griever were headlining and my band at the time, Construct, supported them. I was blown away by their performance and have been a fan ever since! 

When Griever originally announced that they were looking for a vocalist, I expressed my interest to the guys but ended up coming to the conclusion that the logistics would be too tough to work around as the guys are all southern based and I live up in Stoke. However, a few weeks later, Johnny dropped me a message saying how difficult it is to find a vocalist who can sing and scream well and that he’d love for me to audition. We got chatting and by the end of the conversation, we agreed that we could make it work. I recorded my voice over their current songs and sent the audition tracks over. They liked what they heard! So, I soon headed down to Bournemouth to join them for a practise session. We bonded pretty quickly and I’m still here today, so I must be doing something right!

What’s the biggest trouble you’ve got into on any of the tours you’ve done?   

Johnny: We try not to be too irresponsible while we’re away from home… But on the last EU tour in 2019 we were chased off a field by a German farmer with a weapon of some description. We didn’t wait around too long to see what it was!

You’ve got a pretty dedicated fanbase, where are your wildest fans? Which town/city gives you the biggest buzz?  

Johnny: We’re really fortunate to have a few favourite spots when it comes to fan interaction at the shows. Bournemouth, London, Manchester, and Germany as a whole probably take the top spots. A German fan got our logo tattooed on his thumb during the last tour so that was pretty epic. 

Image: Josh Wagner

Griever has been on bills with big names like Our Hollow Our Home, Arch Enemy and Creeper but who are your dream headliners to open for?   

Johnny: So many to choose from, but I’d have to go with Slipknot to appease my inner grunge kid.
Vince: Marilyn Manson
Callum: It’s gotta be 5ive
Matt: Periphery for sure|

On social media you joked about doing a goth goes pop-punk cover, you’ve got our hopes up! Is a Griever rendition of Bowling for Soup’s 1985 on the cards?  

Johnny: We have always toyed around with the idea of making a fun song cover in the future… You’ll just have to wait and see haha.

It’s been a little over a year since your last single The Sickness in Me. You’ll be unleashing a new song for us very soon! Can you tell us the inspiration for it?   

Johnny: Our new single ‘Love & Decay‘ is set to be released on Friday 29th May, and we’ve never been more excited to release a single. The lyrical inspiration came from a lot of places… But ultimately, it’s about separation and our evolution as people and artists; comparing where we were in the past, and where we’re heading. 

And finally, is a full-length album on the horizon in the near future?  

Johnny: We are sitting on a ton of material that we are really proud of, and it will be released. As to how and when, we must remain secretive for now…

We’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the new single so be sure to check back with us Friday to see what Mind Noise Network have to say about ‘Love & Decay‘!

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Griever are:
Callum Howle: Vocals
Johnny Halpin: Guitar
Matt Thomason: Bass
Vincent Mord: Drums




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