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Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #21

Violet Saturn – Sweetest Life

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Kicking off with one of those ‘motorbike zooming past’ riffs that you hear in movies, ‘Sweetest Life’ is the balls out rock track from American rockers Violet Saturn. Channelling the spirit of those 80s rockers, the band have managed to modernise a traditional rock sound with seeming ease. Released as the closer for the EP Surprise in April, the track sums up a band that are obviously having a great time doing what they love. Now, go give them some love!


Awaiting Eli – Unfiltered


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With an intro as long as any when watching the YouTube you probably start to wonder if it’s worth the wait as the track kicks in about the minute mark…thankfully it is! ‘Unfiltered’ is a single by another American band, Awaiting Eli, and it kicks ass. If you think of the American hard rock bands of the early 00s you get some picture. There is a bit of grunginess, some OAR and a healthy dose of hard rock in here and it’s a festival’s dream booking I’m sure.


I Feel Fine – You Know Where I’m Hiding

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Merging classic math rock and emo sensibilities with the modern edge of a band like itoldyouiwouldeatyou or The Hotelier, I Feel Fine wiggle into their own comfortable corner where they’re able to make expansive and emotional music that sounds like them. With distant vocals and swirling guitars, the song is dynamic and doesn’t look out of place alongside the American Football’s of the world – what an achievement for a band this young.

Jackson Bruck & The Dukes Of Hume – Already Gone

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Pwoar, this sounds like if Brian Fallon dropped his punk roots and decided to write a pop county anthem. Jackson Bruck & The Dukes of Hume have a song here that bounces as the catchy choruses go off leaving you dancing and patting your leg to the beat. The real powerhouse, however, is the vocals of Bruck as they carry the song with passion and folksy heart. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to hear this song when it comes out on the 21st of June.


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