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Another trip around the world. Jump in to the latest 6 bands reviewed in the Singles Only feature.

Mikropenus – ‘She’ | Facebook | Twitter

It’s refreshing to hear so many female fronted punk bands coming out these days. Many of the punk icons are female and it’s great that we’re coming full circle to start building more of these. Mikropenus combine fast-paced riffs, punchy drums and comical and somewhat topical lyrics to make a track just tipping over the 3-minute mark feel like it lasts a matter of seconds. Vocally it’s everything you’d want from a punk band and those vocals are ably backed throughout.


The Flatliners – ‘The Arousal Of Repair’| Facebook | Twitter

Taking a step in a different direction, The Flatliners bring a much softer, more restrained sound. After 16 years of honing their craft, the band have built on a sound created partly by British bands like The Charlatans and added in their own American flair. The vocals are expansive yet refined, musically it all feels very intentional throughout and as a track it is so well finished it’s a credit to the producer. This track is perfect for those long drives with the sun out, so get it spinning now while you can.


WheezeBox– ‘Cigarette’ | Facebook

If you’re familiar with ‘Electro Boy’ from The Mighty Boosh you’ll have an immediate connection with ‘Cigarette’ from Wheezebox. The opening 30 seconds or so, both musically and vocally, feel like a cross between the Noel Fielding track with a bit of Marilyn Manson added in for good measure, before a chorus belting in with some more In Utero style Nirvana guitars. Despite progressing at a good pace, the track feels slow and winding, in a good way, and really gets you engaged and listening. The Finnish band have delved into a traditional sound and put their own little twist on it.


Redwoods – ‘Nothin’ But Trouble’ | Facebook | Twitter

Redwoods could well be the most American thing to come out of Canada for a while. With a huge sound that feels a little like all those bands your thinking of, the band have managed to carve out a sound that doesn’t just copy but enhances. Musically the band are no novices with mature solos, well worked drums and a great bassline, but it’s Devon Webber’s vocals that really make you sit up and take notice. They just linger half a second longer than you’d expect and that catches the ear in a way you won’t feel coming. If you only listen to one of he bands from this page, make it this one.


Dead Defined – ‘I Fear Nothing’ | Facebook

Staying in Canada, Dead Defined couldn’t really sound much more different. With influences from the 80s combining with a modern twist ‘I Fear Nothing’ is a track that on first listen may not hit home, but when time is invested in it you pick up on some of the intricacies that have been entwined between the electronic effects and vocals. This is a song that may feel out of date immediately but is actually right at home in today’s scene and will filter out across so many genres.


Drawing Blanks – ‘Blood On My Hands’ | Facebook

Finally we have Drawing Blanks and one of the closing tracks from their album Traceless, ‘Blood On My Hands’. The Arkansas four piece combine some classic rock style guitars and Iggy Pop style vocals to create a sound that somehow feels contemporary but familiar. It’s the kind of sound that could well have been on the radio in the 80s, and the organ effects add to this effect. A truly intriguing track and one you’ll be playing more than once, for sure.


As we’ve hit V2.0 we’re starting a new playlist too. You can still catch V1.0-1.9 below though.


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