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Live Review: The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Nottingham, March 12th

It was a night of goggles, big hats and raucous punk rock as The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing kicked off their UK tour supporting their latest album Double Negative. Bassist Marc Burrows had spoken before the tour, saying The Men.. were “REALLY Fucking excited” to be hitting the road for their first full tour in over a year, especially now they had an album full of new tracks to show off.

The night was opened by rocking-threepiece iDestroy. They themselves were out supporting new material in the form of Pure Joy of Life, their new EP released at the beginning of March. iDestroy are a mixing bot of britrock, punk and indie that sounds brilliant. Tracks like ‘Annie’ and ‘Lemons’ are songs of scuba high caliber that i wouldn’t be surprised if they were staple parts of their set in 10 to 15 years time. Personally i wish all the best to this band, who warmed up a room full of punks with catchy tunes and on a cold Monday night.

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing are a unique act. Their steampunk aesthetic and influences combined with their undeniably brilliant punk rock draws a mixed crowd of diehard steampunks and punks to their shows. One thing is for sure though, that no one is leaving disappointed.

Fans of the new album were in for a treat as they played Double Negative in its entirety, along with a collection of fan favourites. The new songs sound remarkable live, so much so that I would say that the album doesn’t quite do this songs justice. That isn’t to say the albums is weak, that is saying that the live performance is so strong. ‘Supply & Demand’ is one of the best opening songs I have seen for a long time. From the second vocalist Andy Heintz opens his mouth, the crowd knew they were in for a good night. The set list went from strength to strength. A rather bold move however, was playing fan favourite track ‘Charlie’ third in the set but when you have as many tracks as The Men… do then it is clear to see why dogs like Charlie are played earlier and even why other classic tracks such as ‘Steph(V)Enson’ are left out of the set entirely.

The set was a full on attack of angry and morbid punk rock and it was something that you should go and see if you can. The tongue in cheek humour of songs such as ‘This House Is Not Haunted’ is brilliant whilst also being a brilliantly written song. As is expected, The Men… end with ‘Brunel’which sees the crowd go more insane than at any other point though the night, and defiantly closing with a bang.

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Keep an eye out for Alex’s interview with The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing coming soon.

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