EP Review: As It Stands – Follow The Madness

23113750_1534914136600156_655930283_nAs It Stands – Follow The Madness

Release Date: 3rd October 2017

Record Label: Self Released

As It Stands are a pop-punk/indie from Devon. The trio have just released their 3rd EP after their second EP Capolavoro was released in December 2016. The band formed in 2014 and in that time they have played shows with WSTR, Better Than Never and Coast To Coast and toured with Warhorns.

The EP starts with Track 2 – Follow The Madness which is the title of the EP. The song starts with a bang followed by white noise before coming in with an upbeat back tune. Shortly we are joined by guitar, drums, bass and vocals. Less than a minute into the song it’s almost impossible to not start head bopping, foot tapping or shimmying. The song has a catchy chorus which you can start singing to almost immediately before we hit the breakdown in the song which adds a bit of intensity to the piece. There is a drum solo at about 3 minutes in before we jump back into the song and we’re all dancing around.

Track 3 – Venice is a bit more intense and dark and the bass is definitely a lot stronger in this song. You can imagine this being the opening song for a gig and the whole crowd jumping in time and possible circle pits. We are greeted with some screams and growls in this song which highly contrasts the previous track however the chorus is just as catchy and you are bound to get moving to this. Track 4 – Caesura is a lot more chilled out for the first half of the song, you could imagine this song being in the background of a road trip with friends. You would definitely find it difficult to listen without a little head pop or dancing to say the least. However as we hit about 3:20 the song suddenly turns a bit more hardcore with a solid scream from the vocalist and a breakdown for about 20 seconds and we’re back to the chill out song again before tapering off into the end.

Track 5 – Clandestine is only one minute long but gives us a little break in the EP with some soft drums. It’s a very soft song with no vocals but it helps prepare us for the next track. Track 6 – Tiger is without a doubt would be the go to song to pit to, it starts off with the lyrics ‘oh you’re a tiger, release your anger, give it to me’ repeated a few times before we are hit with the bass, drums and guitar and the feeling of needing to jump around and destroy everything in sight comes into play. The song song chills out every now and again for a short space of time until we get to about 3 minutes again and then we get another scream from the vocalist and before yet another breakdown to end the song, I would be surprised anyone got out the pit of this song without any bruises. To finish the EP we have Track 7 – Kingpin the song starts with a large suspense and we have some bass soon followed by the drums which gives an eerie effect before we are joined by the vocals. This song seems to have a lot more passion from the vocals end than the others on the EP and is probably my favourite song on the EP alongside Tiger.

I quite like this EP as every song is different from another and the material is original. Would recommend to any Pop-punk or Indie fans.


James Borer – Drums Jack Potter – Vocals and Guitar Joe Kime – Bass



Rating: 9/10

Recommended Tracks – Tiger and Kingpin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/asitstandsuk


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