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Tour Preview: Nothing But Thieves


Nothing But Thieves have planned and plotted their rise to fame from the start. From the beginning of their career in 2012, they put time and energy into writing their music before jumping right in with the touring, which could arguably be one of the most common mistakes many bands make today. However, this basic and logical decision has paid them dividends. The success of their self-titled debut was exceptional. Gaining a top 10 album on their first attempt set the bar high.

Moreover, the response to their sophomore album has been astronomical. Titled “Broken Machine”,with a strong meaning behind it, it is a concept album tackling important issues such as politics, religion, the role of the media and society.  The thought-provoking album art is inspired by the Japanese practice of filling cracks with gold, to show our flaws are beautiful Moving onto the content, this definitely doesn’t disappoint. The riffs and vocals are even bigger and better, it’s music which demands to be played in large venue arenas. From the ballad style “Number 13” to  the guitar heavy “I was just a kid”, the range and diversity of influences are easy to see. They may have been pipped to the post with second place on the UK album chart this time, however the sky really is the limit for this band.

It is worth noting that it hasn’t been all  sunshine and rainbows for them.They have had their fair share of setbacks on their journey to the top. What’s refreshing is that Nothing But Thieves embody the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Frontman Conor Mason has been open about his struggle with depression, which took a turn for the worse with panic attacks and anxiety during their last US tour. With the support of the band he got through it and has contingency plans for managing such occurrences in the future. Recently Conor has written for the #IAMWHOLE mental health awareness campaign.

Joining them on the UK leg of their tour are July Talk and Darlia. Both groups are rising stars in their own right, and with their contributions to rock make the idea of them both supporting Nothing But Thieves a no brainer.

July Talk hail from Toronto, Canada and were formed in 2012. The band have certainly outgrown their training wheels and are ready to take on the big kids. In 2016 they were picked to tour with Catfish and the Bottlemen on their sold-out tour. If this doesn’t give them the kudos they deserve then the success of their latest album definitely will. They released their self-titled debut in 2014, and most recently their sophomore album “Touch” last year. They’re a band that are difficult to place into one category, as each song is so varied.They provide much more than a musical experience. Their music videos attain the same level of detail as their music, shot in black and white. This alone shows their core values of reaching the perfect balance between quintessential nostalgia and fresh modernist. Are growling vocals mixed with sopranos , plus pure gritty rock riffs your thing? Then July Talk is perfect for you. Introduce yourself to the band if you haven’t already with “Beck + call”.

Last but certainly not least are Darlia. Hailing from seaside town Blackpool, and created 4 years ago they’re already making waves. After the first week of their debut EP “Knock Knock” was released at the end of 2013, they were already cited as “The most exciting band in the UK” from the movers and shakers in the music industry. 4 EPs and a mini album later, the band are definitely proving them right. “Petals” from 2015 demonstrates the band’s obsession with flowers, along with their namesake. However their sound is anything but soft and fragile. Nathan Day , lead singer definitely has a look reminiscent of the late Kurt Cobain, and the resemblances don’t stop there. Their sound is rock alternative with riffs, a thumping drum beat, and power vocals. For most it would seem laughable to compare them to Nirvana, arguably some of the greatest rockers of all time. However,after you’ve seen them live you will agree that  they more than live up to this. “Queen of hearts” is an excellent choice to get you hooked on Darlia before you experience them on tour.

Many of the dates on this tour are sold out, which means that if you want to see these exceptional bands, you’re going to have to act fast- and you won’t regret it!


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