EP review: Stand Atlantic – Sidewinder


Stand Atlantic – Sidewinder EP

Released: 15th September 2017

Label: Rude Records

You’re about to discover the best kept secret hailing from down under. More specifically Sydney, home to Bonnie Fraser, David Potter and Jonno Panichi- forming the vocals, bass and drums respectively. Together they form the perfect pop punk trifecta and under the name ‘Stand Atlantic’ are releasing the newest form of ear worm. The type which buries deep inside your brain and won’t leave, and once you’ve heard ‘Sidewinder’ their debut EP-you won’t want to. And anyone who’s had the pleasure of listening to them will agree. Including Rude records- label to cult pop punk bands such as Knuckle Puck and Zebrahead, have recently signed Stand Atlantic earlier this year and you could say they’re definitely in safe hands. In August they toured with New Found Glory to celebrate their 20 years of pop punk, on their Australian leg of their tour. After only forming in 2015 the band are skyrocketing faster than their contemporaries and have already cemented their pop punk status.


Kicking off the album is ‘Sidewinder’, which stays true to the self proclaimed ‘poppy and hooky’ vibes. It definitely highlights Bonnie’s vocals exceptionally well. Starting with fast strumming, the build up to the chorus doesn’t disappoint. Furthermore with the resonating thoughts of staying true to who you are, it’s an important point to be noted.

‘Mess I made’ has a strong melody with powerful riffs. You can easily imagine it being blasted in large arenas, to thousands of people. It’s an effective song as it contains relatable lyrics about creating your own mistakes,and coming to terms that you’re the only one who can change them.

‘Push’ showcases a powerful bridge into the chorus, which proves that Bonnie isn’t the only one with the skills. Considering how little time they have had as a band, (compared to others) their skill when they come together is definitely a strength. Especially as this is the song with the largest amount of instrumental and is greatly appreciated.

Next on the EP we have ‘Coffee at midnight’. This was the first song to be released and definitely sums up the whole EP. A strong introduction of riffs and Bonnie’s vocals automatically tell you that this is a song, which is on the more aggressive side of pop punk.

The EP ends on a high with ‘Chemicals’ as Bonnie’s voice and the strumming leads into the most powerful finish. Thus solidifying the assured assent of the newest kid on the block in the world of pop punk.

We can’t be sure of what they’ll do next, however be assured that if it’s anything half as good as this EP -it’ll be worth the wait.

Rating: 9/10
Recommended track: Sidewinder
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