Review: Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation

unnamed.jpgThy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation

Release Date: 18th August 2017

Label: Nuclear Blast

Australian noise merchants, Thy Art Is Murder return with their fourth album Dear Desolation. The famed fourth album is a hurdle that many bands fail to pass, delivering a massive bow to their careers that some never recover from. Fear not though, as this album is loud, angry and has more breakdowns than an old ca, meaning that it will satisfy the demands of any deathcore fans out there.

Opening track Slaves Beyond Death, beginning with the ever crushing voice of vocalist CJ McMahon screaming “Go!” is probably the best way this album could begin. Followed by machine gun drumming and a riff that could straight up knock you out, images of this song being used as a set opener are impossible to suppress. The killer wall of sound that hits you just begs to be the soundtrack to absolute chaos!

Third track Puppet Master is such a strong track that I would argue it is not only one of the strongest on the album, but one of the strongest in the career of Thy Art is Murder to date. “Think for your fucking self” is the t-shirt phrase for the album, an almost overused mantra within the genre, but if you can resist trying to shout along tp it, then you are a stronger person than I. It is soon to be a staple set piece and with a breakdown that could    unleash chaos at any venue around the world, Puppet Master may be one of the strongest songs Thy Art is Murder ever produce.

Clocking in at just over 35 minutes, the album doesn’t over stay its welcome as many albums these days do. To say it is the Stone cold Steve Austin, with it arriving, raising hell and leaving again, may be the best possible way to describe the album. Thy Art is Murder manage to do what so many strive to achieve, by leaving you almost begging for more as the aptly titled The Final Curtain draws to its dark and harrowing end.

Even when the band aren’t speeding through songs like an angry great white, they manage to sound evil and menacing. This is demonstrated best in Death Dealer, with an opening reminiscent of a horror film. The almost tortured sounding screams in the chorus really help to build atmosphere, a skill that Thy Art is Murder have developed more and more on each album. Good bands can release a set of amazing songs, amazing bands release songs that transport you in to their own world and that is exactly what Thy  Art is Murder do.

To point out any other song as just a notable listen would be an injustice to the rest of the album. As a complete album, it is a piece of art that should be enjoyed whole and uninterrupted. If you want overwhelming music with the power to knock down your house, Dear Desolation is the album you need this year. Buy it, love it!

Rating: 8/10

Notable tracksSlaves Beyond Death, Death Dealer

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