The Darkness Are Back!

After recently headlining Godiva Festival in Coventry The Darkness are back with a new single with their signature ‘Queen on speed’ style. All The Pretty Girls sees the Lowestoft quartet continue where they left off on the Last Of Our Kind album with a reflective look into the music industry.

The single, available now, is the first to be released off the upcoming album Pinewood Smile. The album is set to drop on October the 6th and is sure to contain more solos, high pitched wails and catsuits than your average rock album.


1. All The Pretty Girls

2. Buccaneers Of Hispaniola

3. Solid Gold

4. Southern Trains

5. Why Don’t The Beautiful Cry?

6. Japanese Prisoner Of Love

7. Lay Down With Me, Barbara

8. I Wish I Was In Heaven

9. Happiness

10. Stampede Of Love

If this has got your juices flowing for some more of The Darkness then you can catch them on tour later this year. Head here for tickets. They’re playing near you for sure.



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