Interview with Deadly Inscription

New to the Rage PR roster, we had a chat with Deadly Inscription about what’s going on in their camp and their heads:

Hey guys, let’s jump right in here…How did Deadly Inscription come into being?

The majority of us have been friends since we were at school and have been playing together pretty much since we first picked up instruments!

When we all started we wanted to play just the fastest, heaviest stuff that we could, it took a few re-shuffles before we decided we were happy with the overall sound and direction the band was going in. The current line up has been together for over three years now and the dynamic just works, noone wants to murder each other often, so it definitely works.

What are your influences and who are your musical icons?

I’d say individually our musical influences are quite varied but I guess if we had to choose I think we would leaning towards guys like Lamb Of God or The Black Dahlia Murder for some common inspiration. As individuals we all tend to listen to a variety of music so its always hard to solidify what genre of metal we are as there are influences from everywhere that shape us as musicians.

I believe you guys are about to drop a new single, can you tell us about that?

The new track is entitled Cemetery Wind, its due for release on the  28th of July actually so we’re getting very excited for its release! The song itself is about a global man made virus that slowly starts to kill the worlds population and the struggle that humanity would face if something like that happened tomorrow. So the idea behind cemetery wind is about the virus going airborne, death in the air.

We’ve had a lot fun with this track, working with some really awesome people to make it sound huge and we shot a super bloody video too with loads of fake blood/gory make up effects. Its definitely our best release to date. The track & video will be available online on all major social media, streaming and download services.

Is it for a forthcoming EP? Are you able to divulge anything about that? When it may be out?

We don’t want to say too much too soon but we’re sitting on a host of new material we’re polishing off. We have been working hard on loads of stuff that has potential. It’s more of a taster of what’s to come so were leaving everyone in a bit of suspense, but trust me there is loads in the pipeline. We’ll keep you posted!

Once the single is out, you’re off on tour right? Can you let the people know the upcoming dates and where you’re gonna be for those?

Yeah we cannot wait to get out on the road again, this tour were playing loads of places we’ve never played so we are really excited about it. We’re out 21st til the 29th of July and we’ll be playing in Glasgow, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Kettering, Cardiff and Workington. All the info is available on our Facebook page.  Were looking forward to seeing all you crazy bastards.

What do you guys do outside of music that contributes to your musicality? E.g. watching shit horror movies for inspiration…

Well our drummer is testament to our love for horror films his right arm is a full sleeve paying tribute to A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, IT and The Evil Dead. Those films definitely inspire some of our more horror based tracks but were all just pretty fucked up guys so we can all contribute in some horrific manner haha.

What CD is in your car right now?

In my car there are loads of CD’s too many to count but I think the most recently listened to was, don’t judge me, Queens greatest hits. Who the fuck doesn’t like queen !? You find someone that says they don’t and I’ll call them a lying bastard.

And finally, What does the future hold for Deadly Inscription?

After tour we’ll be working hard in our studio demoing some of the tasty new material we’ve been working on, whilst preparing ourselves for another run of dates later in the year.  We’d love to release another video before the year is out too.
The overall aim of this tracks release and our goal for the year is to try and get as much of a buzz generated for us as we can. We’d love to get more dates secured down South and get across to mainland Europe to show our European comrades what Scottish Metal has to offer but we’re definitely excited for what’s to come.

Brilliant. Thanks guys and best of luck on the tour.

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