Interview with Furyborn

After reviewing their debut album over here we caught up with Furyborn for a quick chat about the band and the album.

Hey, how are you doing?

Great thanks, Yourself?

Very well thanks. So, you are Furyborn, tell us a bit about yourselves?

Furyborn are:
Jut Tabor-Vocals
Nick Richardson-Lead Guitars and backing vocals
Rob Walker- Rhythm Guitars and backing vocals
Timmy Hodgson-Bass and backing vocals
Tim Coulson- Drums

We formed in late 2010 through a mutual love creating of ultra heavy music with a focus on hooks and melody. We’ve always been about experimenting how brutally heavy and savage we can take the music whilst retaining a certain air of accessibility, grooves and melody that gave us an audience in the beginning.

16387884_1562814333737467_1120874555001057188_nIt’s been 6 years since you won Metal 2 The Masses, why is Dawn Of Leviathan only just coming out?

Well, we released our debut EP ‘The Reaping Of Our Days’ in January 2012 and toured that record for a couple of years, unfortunately as is the case with many bands we were plagued by line up issues and changes throughout the earlier years of the band.
In 2015 we decided we still had a fire in our bellies and set about writing and later tracking ‘Dawn Of Leviathan’ which in itself what with mixing mastering and tracking times took just shy of two years bringing us to the present day and its release.

Have these songs been a culmination of a long journey or have they been written more recently than that?

The Only track on the album that’s been around for a long time is ‘Life Begins’ which has existed albeit in a scaled down form since around 2013, The rest of the album was written fresh between the time periods mentioned earlier.

Tell us a bit about your experience in the studio?

On this Record all instruments were tracked in dry unprocessed form at Nick Richardson’s home studio, after which Nick and Jut tracked vocals at our rehearsal studio in Poole.
We just felt that doing it this way would ease the pressure off of us and allow us to let the songs breathe and allow us to give the best performances possible.
When tracking was complete, Nick edited everything and the album was then sent to Sinquest Sound Studios in Poland for re-amping, mixing and mastering by Grzegor Kulawiak.

The album is out now, how exciting is this for you guys?

Oh, we are absolutely over the moon, it’s the culmination of a lot of hard work that we feel finally paid off and resulted in a record we are all immensely proud of!

Do you have any gigs coming up to showcase what you can do?

Yes, we will be playing The Bloodstock Metal Forum all dayer at The Firebug in Leicester on August the 26th, along with a host of other upcoming shows later in the year.

Which is your favourite song from the album?

I think we all have different favourites so picking one is difficult, ‘The Reckoning’, Exult In Extinction, ‘A Fault In Our Design’, ‘I am Heresy’ and ‘Deep Rising’ are common favourites but obviously we love them all!

Finally, why should people pick up Dawn Of Leviathan?

I think a quote from a recent album review put it best! We are a band that know how to bring the the fury of death metal whilst retaining a sense of melody and attention to big grooves and big hooks. Dawn Of Leviathan is an album that has us firing on all cylinders!

Awesome. Thanks very much. For anyone out there that hasn’t listened to these guys, go check them out now!

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