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Leicester based Fractions are about to drop their EP ‘Forces’ and we thought we’d catch up with them for a chat about the EP. You can read the review here – once you’re done with the interview obviously.

Hi guys, how are you doing? What have you been up to recently?

Hi! We’re great thank you very much! Lately we have been writing and working on new material. The hard work never stops and were already looking to top our EP which hasn’t even been released yet. This as well as standard rehearsals, you never know when a great opportunity will come your way, so its best to be prepared!

Your EP, Forces, is out at the end of July, how excited are you for people to hear it?

We are absolutely buzzing about it! All of us have been through releases etc. in previous bands but this is the most excited any of us have been about getting a product out for people to grab hold of. We’re hoping it makes the interaction at our shows even better than it already is!

How was the writing process for you guys? Did you all chip in?

The writing process is always a tricky one to describe, originally it was difficult at times but we worked out quickly that with the tools, technology and people we have, there was a much easier and more productive way of doing it, a way that allows each of us to hear the full idea we are wanting to portray. But we are always open to new ideas on how to do it and experimenting with different ways.

If anyone is on the fence about listening to it, what would you say to convince them?

How do you know if you’ve never tried?! Honestly, it’s got a bit of everything for everyone. Its brutal and crushing in places, epic and pretty in others. It’s catchy, massive, and fun and a bit different.

The album artwork looks like there’s a story behind it. Was it the brainchild of the band or any artist?

The artwork was courtesy of Very Metal Art’s Andy Pilkington. and what a ridiculous job he’s done with it! we’re over the moon with it. We sent him one of the demo tracks and some lyrics, from that hes formulated a little bit of everything on the EP. so give it a listen and see what you can piece it together. We loved that Andy showed genuine interest in what we wanted as a band and as customers, and how involved he kept us through the design and output. Can’t recommend them enough!

You’ve got the EP Release Show coming up at Karns Bar in Hinckley, have you got anything planned in after that?

We have a few things in the Fractions pipeline. We’ve recently been added to the ENSO management roster, so give our page and ENSO’s a like and follow on various social media outlets and keep up to date with any further announcements.

In terms of touring, you’ve played with some great bands already, what would you say is the best show you’ve played?

DeMontfort Hall – Uprising. Just wow, such an incredible experience and one we will never ever forget. The euphoria throughout the whole day for us was evident on our faces. and we cant wait to play more like that.

Do you have one band that you’d just love to join on tour?

Dreaming big for me would be Iron Maiden, hands down. But i guess we’d all settle for a Periphery support slot! *tongue in cheek* Seriously though, i think our friends in Internal Conflict and Ramage Inc would be pretty awesome.

Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

Thanks for the opportunity! We’re mega excited about everything we have going on, there’s loads more to come from us, so keep those peepers peeled. Thanks again.

The final thing from me is that I’m asking each band I interview to ask a question from the next one, whoever they may be. What question would you ask?

Who invented the skip?

Nice one. Cheers for that. All the best for the future and I hope you like the review. 

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Contact: fractionsuk@hotmail.co.uk

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