EP Review: Fractions – Forces


Fractions – Forces

Release Date: 28th July 2017

Label: Self-Released

After playing their first show in 2013 it has been a relatively slow journey to here for Fractions. They’ve worked through lineup changes and the usual hardship that an unsigned band goes through and they’ve come out of it with an appearance at the Metal 2 The Masses Final in Leicester under their belt and an EP featuring five tracks of melodic metal that could easily see them take a big step up (plus a bloody lovely Interlude)

The Wolf Inside kicks us off with a piano led intro that belies the riffs that kicks in after almost 90 seconds. Immediately the ‘melodic’ tag is evident as the opener clocks up over 5-minutes, though they could easily have pigeon holed themselves in the tech-metal genre, seeming like they’d fit in well at Arc.Tan.Gent later in the year. The contrast between harsh and clean vocals couldn’t be much wider with Chris Hare’s growls being powerful but clear enough you can still understand the lyrics with ease. A trait that I find particularly appealing here.

Beyond Infinity follows with more of a focus on the clean vocals and an even more melodic feel. It’s groovy as hell and the bassline has you wanting to grow your long hair back and windmill the fuck out of it. When Radiant Wings begins you’re kind of grateful for the momentary respite provided by the progressive intro. This drastic change is undone after little more than a minute as the huge riffs come pounding back, but this contrast shows just how talented these fellas are. The variation on show is impressive.

Following a quick Interlude we’re straight back in with The Owls Are Not What They Seem and this song follows suit with verses and choruses coming in complete contrast. The verses racing as fast as can be and the choruses slowing things down. The technical prowess is what sets this track apart as the best track on the EP for me, though that’s not to put a dampener on any of the other tracks, the standard is consistently high. The lead single from the EP is also the title track, Forces. Opening in a similar manner to the previous track with echoes of mid career Trivium, the track turns up the anger in both the clean and the harsh vocals. It’s a strong end to the EP and one that seems to be fitting as a single.

Now is a great time to get in with Fractions. They’ve already got on some great support tour and it feels like they aren’t far away from being a big name in the scene. The five tracks on show here are carefully pieced together and show a degree of care that means these guys could achieve everything they’re aiming for.

Rating: 8/10

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