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Tour Preview: Creeper December 2017

By now I’m sure you’re familiar with Creeper…they’re the little band that could from Southampton.  They’ve managed to do what very few bands in the past decade have done – get people talking. There have been glimpses from bands like While She Sleeps but no band has captured the imagination quite like Creeper in the past few years and in December they head out on their biggest headline tour to date. Here’s a little preview to convince you to get your tickets early.

Being tasked with opening the tour each night are Watford’s Nervus. Being from the same part of the world as Frank Carter is enough pressure as it is, here though they are charged with entertaining the crowds as the filter through security, past the merch/bars to their spot. Nervus won’t be providing the rowdiest of sets – their 2016 album Permanent Rainbow is certainly more alt rock than anything that Creeper will show off later on, though it fits in perfectly with the two bands following Nervus. If you’re not familiar with them then that aforementioned debut album is certainly the place to start – it’s intriguingly complex yet immediately accessible.

After they got announced we contacted Nervus for an interview. Here’s how it went.

And as an incentive to get down early to support these guys, here’s a track from the Permanent Rainbow album:

Atlantic based Microwave take Milk Teeth’s accolade of ‘Band With The Strangest Name’ on this Creeper headline tour. After Nervus have finished this bunch will provide a similar experience, though their overall sound has elements of Weezer in it. Microwave are another band that provide the listener with a challenge of sorts. You can easily sit there and let this be background music, but if you engage with it and try and take from the songs as much as possible they open up and the experience is heightened. They’re chilled as hell but drop some riffs in from time to time. I’m intrigued by these guys and cannot wait to see what they will bring to the tour in December.

This spot on the last tour was taken up by Energy so it’s good to see that Creeper are making friends on their American forays. Take a look at what Microwave have to offer here:

Can’t Swim, probably annoyed that Microwave have taken the band name trophy, are the main support on the tour and rightfully so. They’ll be the band that will get everyone pumped. They’ll work up the crowd with their faster paced rock that will have even the most stonefaced fan dancing along. It is literally (probably) impossible not to want to move to these guys and that’s exactly what Creeper need before them. It isn’t all dancing with Can’t Swim, but their best tracks are the tracks that make you want to get off the floor.

These guys probably have the easiest slot on the tour. They’re on directly before a band with so much euphoria behind them that they can’t lose. Go wrong and it’ll be forgotten. Smash it and they’ll leave the UK with thousands more fans.

To get you in the mood, try and keep still with this beaut from Can’t Swim:

So. Creeper. Quite a year they’ve had. A sold out tour in March shortly after the release of their debut album, Eternity, In Your Arms, that reached 12 in the UK charts. Follow that up with a mainstage appearance at Download that saw them get a crowd that belied their early slot and then jetting off to the States for the duration of the Vans Warped Tour. I’m not sure what else I need to say really. These guys are the real deal.

They’ve hit a level of success that I’m sure they never thought was possible and they’ve done it by creating a narrative to go along with the music that is almost as interesting as the music itself. Drawing inspiration from the lore of movies young and old, a lot of them being Disney, the lyrics are littered with clues to what has brought the band to where they are today. They’ve been compared to just about everyone in the past. Their style evokes Marilyn Manson, some of their tracks have hardcore influences, some country. For me, they’re the epitome of how to draw on inspiration. Many artists get bogged down in recreating what their hero’s have created Creeper feel like they’re doing it to impress their hero’s and if they keep going the way they’re going they’ll be playing with all of them soon enough.

For me it is difficult to pick a ‘best track’ so I’m going to go with Misery. A track that evokes so much emotion in the alternative scene. Give it a listen and join the Creeper Cult on Facebook if you’re converted:

If this has convinced you to buy tickets then click the tour poster below to grab yours:



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