Interview With Nervus

As they’ve just been announced as the opening band on the Creeper tour in December 2017, we thought it was a good idea for Dan to ask Em from Nervus a few questions. Take a read:
Hey, how are you doing? You’ve just come off tour with Kamikaze Girls, how was it touring the UK with them? 

It was incredible. It was a proper honour to be able to share a van and a stage with them. They’re one of the most exciting bands in the UK at the moment, if you’re reading this and haven’t got hold of their album Seafoam then go and do that now.

For bands on the smaller scale touring can be a bit of a bitch both logistically and financially. Did you have to sleep in the back of a van or are you creatures of comfort? 

We were lucky enough to have places to stay most nights, even if it’s the floor it’s better than sleeping in a van with no bunks. Nightmare.

Every tour seems to have a stand out ‘moment’. What was that moment on this tour?

Probably when we bought a cool box and a bag of ice to put cans of drink in. It has absolutely revolutionised low budget touring for us.

Then, to come off that tour to be able to announce you’re touring with Creeper, that must have been hard to keep under your hats?

It was awesome to announce that when we were on our way home from touring, yeah. I always end tours feeling a bit sad and detached so it was good to be able to get excited about another one to distract from the crushing reality of having absolutely no money. Creeper are amazing and we’re so grateful that they wanted us on that tour.

You’re the opening band on a tour with such a strong lineup, why should people brave the winter to come out and see you guys early on?

We’re actually really good. That and Paul is a great dancer.

Now you’ve sold yourselves, can you try and sell Microwave, Can’t Swim and Creeper to those who may somehow be unfamiliar with them?

They are all incredible. Eternity in Your Arms, Much Love and Fail You Again are all amazing albums. Genuinely can’t wait to watch them all every night.

Back to you guys though, your album ‘Permanent Rainbow’ came out at the end of last year. How has it been touring that for the last 8 months? 

It’s been really cool to see so many people getting on board with us considering the process has been so organic. We did nearly everything ourselves so it’s quite humbling to see people enjoying something we put so much work into.

Obviously it hasn’t been that long since the album came out, but are you the kind of band that is already writing the next release? 

We’ve already written album 2 and are recording it next month. It’s a pinger.

Have you got anything planned in before or after the Creeper tour?

We’re recording an album, playing a few as yet unannounced UK shows, then off to the US for The Fest which is going to be the most fun.

Well that’s it from me, thanks for taking the time to do this, is there anything else you’re like to say?

Buy our record thanks.

Now you’ve read that, head over to our preview of the Creeper tour and we’ll tell you why we think you should get tickets.

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